Ingco 6 Pcs Insulated Precision Screwdriver Screw Driver Set HKIPSD0601


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  • SL1.5 x 0.23x50mm | SL2.0 x 0.40x50mm | SL2.5 x 0.40x50mm | SL2.5 x 0.40x50mm | SL3.0 x 0.50x50mm | PH00 x 50mm | PH0 x 50mm
  • Ingco new design handle
  • Use aluminum frame with 2Pcs round screw & 4Pcs philips screw
  • Material: S2
  • Certification: VDE 1000V and EN60900
  • Handle: insulated ergonomic handle
  • Product details: precision screwdrivers suitable for special precision work on mobile phones, PCs on boards, electronics, electrical, etc.


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